Journey to the cloud: Accelerate data-driven decisions

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In Dynamic Talks Ryan Litvak, Director of Data in Jabil will be joined by AWS and Grid Dynamics experts to discuss his transition to modern cloud data strategy

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You need to be able to access and analyze your data in real-time no matter where it’s stored, but pulling together your data across multiple websites, data warehouses, platforms, and other sources can be massively daunting. 

Jabil, the industry's largest provider of design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions to the medical field, knew they needed a platform that would help them scale their data, accommodate a long list of AI/ML initiatives, and increase their ROI with machine learning.

In this live Dynamic Talks webinar Ryan Litvak, Director of Data & Analytics from Jabil will be joined by experts from AWS and Grid Dynamics as they discuss Jabil’s transition to modern cloud data strategy, along with:

  • How to aggregate, process, and analyze diverse data sources easier and faster
  • Tools and strategies that can enable teams to become more data-driven
  • What to learn from real-life stories of cloud migration journeys
  • Benefits of migrating data to the cloud

Join us to learn about how to speed up your migration to the cloud while leveraging best-in-class technology for the most effective and efficient data strategy.


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