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We are committed to supporting local IT communities in the US as well as in Central and Eastern Europe through meetups, university programs, competitions, and more. Learn more about the tech activities that we participate in and for further details or inquiries please contact us directly.


Grid Dynamics is committed to helping young people and has internship programs in several of its US and Eastern European locations. Some of our strongest people have started at the company as interns and worked their way up to senior positions. Our technical internships involve intensive training sessions ending in a final project. These programs teach promising students the values of teamwork, efficient communication skills, and mature development practices.

University support programs

Grid Dynamics works directly with universities to help provide a solid foundation and advanced learning opportunities to students interested in software engineering.

Programming tournaments

Grid Dynamics supports technical universities and training venues who make learning fun! We know challenges like hackathons and coding challenges are great ways to come up with new ideas and provide valuable experience to our engineers.

IT camp – DuneCamp

Summer IT camp for developers and engineers.

Contests: Google I/O Extended

Grid Dynamics has hosted Google I/O Extended events. Extended events help developers from around the world take part in the I/O experience. I/O Extended events include a variety of options for developers — from live streaming sessions to local demos, hackathons, codelabs, and more.

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